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Optimising your search with our support

The recruitment process can be time consuming and
frustrating before you even make an offer

Working with us helps you stick not only to your recruitment budget, but also your operational and growth plans. We fully manage the search process, screening and fully preparing all candidates.

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Consultative advice adds value to the hiring process

In addition to acting as your advocates, we can help you prepare your job specification, and sales points for your company. This helps you attract the best talent on the market. By personally headhunting your ideal candidates we build warm rapport on your behalf.

We actively promote your company and sell your job opportunity to overcome any pre-conceived perceptions and actively overcome objections to attract the most elite candidates in the print, packaging and direct marketing industry. We also offer the latest job market trends, for remuneration, contracts, the offer, and the practicalities of your operational plan to facilitate the growth of your company.

We obtain tangible feedback from both sides of the recruitment equation. This gives you an in-depth insight into the feasibility of your hire and how you can optimise your search.

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    A lot has been changing at here at Taylor Higson. New offices, new team members, plus a brand new mobile responsive website.

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