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Why use a Headhunt for your next print or packaging hire?

As specialist headhunters if you want to recruit the very best talent available for your next print, packaging or direct marketing hire, it makes good business sense to use our Headhunt search strategy. For virtually all your hires you want the best you can find, but for some hires you really do want the very best the market has available. The only way to ensure you get this is by asking us to conduct a full industry Headhunt specific for your role.

Print Headhunt Conducted On Tablet

The methods we employ in our Headhunts involve mapping out your competitor’s staff structures as well as those businesses in allied sectors, to identify everyone who could potentially be the best fit for your role. This is the only way you can be really sure each person who fits your vacancy brief will have been directly approached.

Why are we the best people to conduct your print or packaging headhunt?

The board of Taylor Higson have over 10 yrs of combined specialist Headhunting experience in the print, packaging, direct marketing and related sectors. So we not only identify all the best talent, but have long standing relationships with the markets more Senior Executives. This means we have the ear of the highest achievers who simply won’t speak to other recruiters.

What roles do we Headhunt on?

Traditionally the Headhunt has been seen as reserved for only the most difficult to fill or senior appointments, and of course we conduct a lot of work at board level. However due to our track record of success we started to get requests to Headhunt on roles at other levels too. As we like to be a solution provider to our clients’ needs, we now also work on roles from middle management and sales level upwards.

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